wilson storage case study new website

October 3, 2017



New website, new product architecture

Rebuilding a website for clients is not just an opportunity to refresh their visual appeal, it’s also a key opportunity to overhaul the customer journey. Occasionally, it can be a chance to make even bigger changes to the product architecture and product configuration.

Our recent website upgrade for Wilson Storage is a great example. It involved a complete rethink about the way people approach their self storage enquiry, and what that self storage product might look like.

Starting from scratch we mapped out the entire site with wire frames, keeping an eye on one clear goal – simplifying the steps a user has to go through to submit a request for quote.

Instead of asking what size storage unit they require (who knows, really?) the site now asks them what kind of storage they need in more understandable terms: short-term, long-term, business, etc. These are more easily answered than asking them how large a space they need or forcing them to use potentially confusing space calculators.

Of course, given that the majority of customer conversions happen over the phone after a friendly and informative chat with the helpful consultants at Wilson Storage, we wanted to give customers enough information to request a quote, then get out of their way. From that point it’s up to the consultant to call and chat with the customer, tailoring a solution to their specific needs.

The site doesn’t even ask them for specific storage dates because, again, that might not be clear to the customer at this point in their journey. Instead, the site just asks when they need their storage to start. The consultant can take care of the rest of the discussion.

This process also included investigation around product configuration. Keen to provide the complete packing, transportation and storage solution, we workshopped a more holistic approach to customers’ needs.

Pack. Store. Done. Our simple line describing the simple proposition has become the organisation’s catch-cry and sums up the new Wilson Storage approach. It succinctly highlights the fact that, with Wilson Storage, it really is that easy. But it wasn’t until we refreshed their website that they were able to effectively communicate that fact.

Take a look at the case study.