Lead generation campaign

Selling self storage as the space to invest

Aussie Strata Storage Campaign

Norman Property

Not everyone would think of a storage unit as an investment opportunity, yet Norman Property is leveraging this successful category by building its state of the art Aussie Strata Storage facilities with the investor and owner-occupier in mind.

Having run several campaigns to drive sales enquiries in the past, Norman Property experienced what many marketers often face from their digital marketing investments – high lead volume, reflecting a low cost per lead. Unfortunately, whilst the lead volumes looked good, the results were less than ideal:

  • • Sales teams struggled to reach a large percentage of the high volume of leads
  • • Contactability and follow-ups resulted in more time to qualify poor leads
  • • Strategy was optimised to lead volume and not lead quality
  • • Overall cost per sale was at complete odds with cost per lead and opportunity pool
  • • Sales were disappointingly low

From a performance perspective, the investment in Facebook was optimised to in-Facebook leads. No investment was spent driving traffic to physical location landing pages to help qualify the context and enquiry type.

Norman Property asked metronome to build a more strategically driven outcome to suit their business and sales requirements. After reviewing past performance, we believed the spend was high, leads were poor quality and sales were not forthcoming. Our approach was simple:

  • • Leverage past campaign insights
  • • Survey and research the business and salespeople
  • • Upgrade and qualify the user journey
  • • Drive traffic to optimised landing pages with relative narrative, qualifying leads and building essential retargeting audiences for the campaign in future
  • • Upgrade the creative narrative and audience segmentation
  • • Pilot the campaign, CPL and CPA

Creating an extensive matrix of ad content and messaging for specific audiences – from tradies to small business owners, investors and customers with Self Managed Super Funds – we optimised the geotargeted campaign over a number of weeks to enhance performance.


  • • Higher quality leads based on feedback from the sales team – easier to contact with a greater number of callbacks and follow-up success
  • • Cost per lead averaged at $40
  • • Campaign was regularly optimised over the 12 week period to adjust spend, audience and creative
  • • Overall budget was less than half the previous campaign
  • • Most importantly the facility was close to capacity with almost $1million in sales directly attributed to the campaign

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