Wilson Storage

In the competitive landscape of self-storage businesses, Wilson Storage has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the sector. Over the course of many years, metronome has played a pivotal role in Wilson Storage’s expansion nationally to over 20 locations. This case study highlights the synergy between technology and strategy and serves as a good case study for businesses looking to grow and thrive in the digital age.

The Technical Foundation
Integration with Key Business Systems:
One of the key pillars of this partnership has been the seamless integration of Wilson Storage’s website with their key business and inventory systems including leading self-storage CRM, Sitelink and online reservations and move-in engine, Rapidstor.

This tailored solution has enabled:
– Efficient lead management and tracking.
– Streamlined customer interactions, from initial inquiries to reservation and move-ins.
– Less service friction and compliance effort.
– Enhanced customer service and overall satisfaction.

End-to-End Data Sharing:
metronome has developed robust business intelligence systems integrating marketing and sales data to transparently share with key stakeholders in the business.

This has allowed Wilson Storage to:
– Better understand their audience and personas.
– Gain insights into sales performance identifying areas for improvement and growth.
– Make data-driven decisions for inventory, marketing promotion and customer targeting.
– Monitor live dashboards to triage and optimise investments at both a group and individual location basis.
– Launch or manage new facilities regardless of occupancy level.

metronome has integrated eCommerce into the customer journey through the online Box Shop.

This has allowed Wilson Storage to:
– Increase Moving Boxes and Packaging Sales.
– Provide ‘Click&Collect’ at all locations.
– Drive customers to physically engage and experience their facilities.
– Extend their shopping network and reach online across multiple touch-points.

TrustPilot Integration for Reputation Management:
In an era where online reputation is paramount, metronome has seamlessly integrated TrustPilot into Wilson Storage’s tech stack and customer experience.

This integration has led to:
– A stellar TrustPilot rating of 4.9 out of 5, based on over 2,000 verified reviews.
– Enhanced trust and credibility among potential customers.
– Competitive advantage as one of the highest-rated self-storage companies in Australia.

The Strategic Outcome
Agile and Scalable Platform:
This outcome is one of the key strategic pillars for the business.

The website and associated technical stack has been designed to enable scale of new facilities and product offerings leading to the:
– Seamless and efficient on-boarding of brand new or managed locations.
– Ability to manage promotion, content and transactional messaging from a single source.
– Dynamic and efficient scaling of technology and marketing investment inline with growth.

The Road Ahead
The success of Wilson Storage’s expansion and market penetration can be attributed to a robust partnership that leverages technology, data, and strategic decision-making. The outcome delivering an agile and scalable platform, has the group poised to enable scale and delivery on budgeted growth.