Yeerongpilly Green Display and Experience Suite

Crafting a new kind of residential heritage for Brisbane

Consolidated Properties

Interactive Sales Environment

An $850 million Brisbane development comprising 1,200 residential apartments and townhouses, retail, commercial, and five hectares of parkland, Yeerongpilly Green from Consolidated Property Group is set to transform a significant stretch of Brisbane’s riverside.

In collaboration with project marketers Colliers International, the Experience Centre assists sales staff in qualifying leads and, crucially, engaging them in the potential of an entirely off-the-plan project. We provided the complete technical specification for the fit-out as well as creating the integrated app which controls the experience and allows visitors to view content regarding the entire project.

We scripted, shot and edited two interconnected content pieces which portray both the practical and emotional aspects of Yeerongpilly Green – the first for general marketing channels, the second for delivery in the immersive Experience Centre.

“This experience can be fine-tuned to the buyer’s needs at any given point,” says Chelsea Blount, Marketing and Communications Manager at Consolidated Properties Group.

“For example, we can talk about price range or size and then start to use the app to show them relevant floor plans and an available product that match their needs.

“This is not only a far better experience, but it’s so much easier to use than a big fold-out flip folder where you have to go through hundreds of different floor plans — we can now show customers at the click of a button.”

The immersion suite is set inside a stunning heritage-inspired Queenslander-style building, creating a scene inherently different than an ordinary sales display.

“The fact that the building has so much history has definitely given this experience centre an edge against visiting a usual sales display because people like to come and visit it anyway just to learn about the heritage of it. In terms of how it has been received by everybody — we have been blown away.

“We’ve had such positive feedback for how it looks, how it feels, what we can offer people, how we can take them through the project in a way that makes sense.

“It’s not over-the-top-jargon, it’s just really basic community spirit and I think it has really worked in bringing through the message of our community, which is all about home-grown happiness.”

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