Four ways in which Coronavirus has changed social strategies

Coronavirus has changed so much of our everyday lives, so it’s no surprise to find out that society’s social media habits have changed too. As an agency regularly posting on social media for our clients (and for our own brand), it’s a change we’ve had to pay close attention to and alter our strategy accordingly.

The business pivot

When COVID-19 was first brought to our attention at the end of last year, we were informed that the virus could spread from person-to-person, but not about the contagion’s ability to infect our financial markets. Fast forward six months and businesses across the world have been brought to their knees, coughing and wheezing their way

Performance marketing is key to brand success

The first ever online advertisement hit the world in 1994, before then an advertising campaign would see a business try to boost their brand awareness via print, tv and radio channels.  But over the past three decades or so, as the online advertising industry continues to grow, performance marketing has come to the fore.  At

Content is still king, but it’s evolving.

We’ve all heard the term ‘content is king’ before, and as we begin a new decade, the phrase is only going to become more prominent for businesses trying to grow their brand.  Content has always been an important arm in any marketing campaign, because it helps a specific brand grow without deviating from the company’s

Why Content x Promotion gets results

There is a popular belief amongst marketers that good quality content is the key to successful business. And we do not disagree, having content is essential. However, maximising its full potential through promotion is king and here’s why.

Getting more out of every dollar

Some of the questions we’re continually asked are, “How do we get more sales or leads for every dollar spent on performance marketing for our clients?” “How do we find more reach, more audience?” and “How do you find more share of voice when you’re continually running and optimising campaigns?” It’s a constant balancing act

Bots selling tickets to the Australian Open

Today’s brands are well practiced in making use of social media to speak to their consumer audience and break the barrier of communication that presents itself in other advertising channels. But, of course, as with all things digital, social is always evolving. The latest game-changer rewriting digital marketer’s plans across the globe is Facebook’s AI

Attribution modelling and Minestrone

When we first started out in advertising and media, we were briefed on executions for different channels based on the media plan. From outdoor to radio, print to TV, all of these mediums contributed to the campaign’s goal. 20 plus years later, we hear a lot about channels and more increasingly we’re talking about attribution

Understanding ‘direct traffic’ in your channel performance

When clients first come to us, we talk up the value of Google Analytics. We emphasise the importance of seeing where their traffic is coming from. We go to great length to explain how it’s critical to understand and pinpoint whether users came organically, from paid ads, social media or referral sites. So, after building

Brand timing

At the beginning of every new year, the opportunity arises to take stock of your clients’ needs. To look with fresh eyes at how you help manage, curate and grow their brand. There’s a sense that if you take your eye off the marketing wheel for more than a week you’ll swerve off the freeway