From platforms and software as a service to consumer websites, we scale the platform for success, not just the project for delivery

We love the challenge of the evolving technology landscape. We leverage this to manage, scale and enable our client’s needs and business goals. From the user experiences at the system of engagement level, to the applications, integrations and broader eco-systems at work in the background, our in-house development team delivers enterprise and nous.

Technology is a great enabler in today’s world. It provides the opportunity to connect and create more relevant experiences. It allows businesses to rapidly scale and compete; start-ups to consider and chart new territories. We’re invested in many of these scenarios and realise that opportunities for our clients are often at different stages of the Technology cycle – Ideation, Prototyping, MVP, Rapid Deployment, Continual Improvement, Integration, Migration, Managed Services, and Support.

We love the web and its live infrastructure. We leverage this to deliver broader business solutions. From enterprise-level platforms, and software as a service to consumer websites, we scale the platform for success, not just a project for delivery.

We focus on open source development and the following frameworks and infrastructures for our Enterprise clients:

  • AWS Infrastructure – Including load balancing, S3 (storage), RDS (database), EC2 (virtual servers) and more
  • LAMP / PHP 7
  • Symfony 3 & 4
  • ElasticSearch
  • Vue.js

Solid partnerships are imperative in Technology. We scale our own capabilities through our infrastructure and managed services partner, Rackspace. This helps us support both our Enterprise-level AWS infrastructure and VPS Hosting environments to provide our clients with best practice in compliance, data security, service level guarantee, redundancy, monitoring, and managed services.

Our partners.