Has COVID-19 guaranteed the end of cash?

Two aspects of the pandemic have changed the way we spend – and neither of them is good news for cash. Let’s set aside an underlying fact: consumer spending was hit hard in general by the pandemic. But the spending that is still happening, is happening in a different way than it did 12 months

The tempo of content delivery

How many content channels are you using? There are just so many of them through which to share your brand’s imagery and messaging. The content strategies we develop for our clients (and for ourselves) are defined by a number of factors. Across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and websites, there is a right way and a

The evolution of property marketing

As the number of property marketers increases and the property market flattens, selling value over volume becomes critical for businesses in the industry to remain competitive. The challenge lies in standing out in a saturated digital and offline space and impressing prospective home buyers – buyers who now have a world of alternatives at their fingertips