How to write an online article

The ever-growing prevalence of smartphones and tablets means we’re reading content from a screen more than ever before as we continue to travel head-first into this digital age. This means, as creative agencies, we have to alter our writing style to adapt to the growing needs of today’s engagers. It’s a change not exactly to

Content is still king, but it’s evolving.

We’ve all heard the term ‘content is king’ before, and as we begin a new decade, the phrase is only going to become more prominent for businesses trying to grow their brand.  Content has always been an important arm in any marketing campaign, because it helps a specific brand grow without deviating from the company’s

A good eye for great content : interview with videographer Reuben Warren

We craft a lot of content for our clients, and one of the people we trust to do this with is good friend of metronome, videographer Reuben Warren. We took time out to chat with Reuben about his experiences, tips for creating an effective brief and the perils of sending up a drone near a