September 21, 2015



Why single sign-on is good for business

Whilst Single Sign-On (SSO) has been around for a while, it has recently started gaining widespread adoption.

SSO is a process that allows users to access authorised services without having to login to each and every service separately. In simple terms SSO implementation omits the login step for each individual service.

Many organisations configure their online services around SSO as it has lots of benefits to the user and the organisation.

SSO implementation can offer multiple benefits:

Reduce administration and help desk costs
SSO saves users from having to memorise dozens of passwords to access different services. According to Gartner 50% of support desk calls are related to user login issues. Obviously, the bigger the user base the more money the organisation will have to spend on these types of issues.

Leverage existing infrastructure
Organisations run their own user management systems and most of the time that is the heart of the business. With SSO implementation Organisations can keep control over their user base, while using other services, without sharing sensitive data with third parties.

More user adoptions
The biggest hurdle most services are having is the barrier to user adoption due to a lengthy and boring user registration process. On average the user registration and login process takes from one to three minutes. With SSO implementation we can change this laborious process to a single click. This allows users to engage with offered services very quickly.

Increase security
Organisations can focus on a single user store and users can have one strong password. This will prevent users from using simple insecure passwords on these systems. On the other hand, when users switch between other services, SSO shares a key with other parties, not the password or username. If your organisation wants to allow your service offering access within the office network, or wants to disable access to other services, you don’t have to contact other parties. You are the gatekeeper.

Facilitate B2B collaborations
If your organisation is thinking of expanding your business partnership in other areas, products or service offering, this can be done easily in a very secure manner. Your next service offering is one click away.