The Aftershock cancer research charity

October 12, 2017



The Aftershock : metronome’s pro bono client

As a key component of metronome’s ongoing goodwill initiatives, we recently partnered with a brand new registered charity called The Aftershock.

The Aftershock is a not-for-profit organisation raising funds and awareness for High Mortality Rate Cancers. These are the cancers that have the lowest 5-year survival rates and yet receive the least amount of funding. They account for 50% of deaths from cancer each year in Victoria.

The Aftershock was founded by Melbourne’s Suzanne Neate. Following the devastating loss of her mother Teresa in 2016, Suzanne immediately set about making a difference. In fact, she aimed to make a difference by doing things differently.

“The experience with my mum’s high mortality rate cancer was a tough one for everybody. Everything became a point of difficulty, from finding parking spots at the hospital, to buying fast food so we could spend more time with her. We became acutely aware of the many impacts of ‘the aftershock’ of a diagnosis.”

Suzanne started the charity with a start-up attitude, to shine a light on the lesser known ‘forgotten cancers’ that don’t receive anywhere near as much research funding as those such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. In doing so, the charity aims to advance the scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of high mortality rate cancers, as well as to provide education and support for patients and their families.

“The higher profile cancers have had their 5-year survival rates considerably improved over the past decade,” explains Suzanne. “With the right focus and funding, we aim to make the same positive difference and eradicate high mortality rate cancers.”

Suzanne is working with her brother Chris Neate, who will be undertaking a gruelling bike ride as part of The Aftershock’s major fundraising projects. Chris will be cycling from mum Teresa’s home town of Perth all the way back to Melbourne to raise funds and awareness.

metronome’s introduction to The Aftershock came about through our UX/UI Designer, Rochelle, a friend of Suzanne’s since primary school. Rochelle also experienced the heart-breaking loss of her own mother from a high mortality rate cancer in 2016. Being something that has affected them both so closely, Rochelle invited Suzanne to come talk to us and we saw the opportunity to help her new charity make a real difference to diagnosis and treatment of these devastating cancers.

The Aftershock’s year-one goal is to raise $100,000. This specific goal will achieve a specific outcome – funding a research assistant to work on a cohort study aimed at forwarding the understanding of high mortality rate cancers.

Says Suzanne, “The Aftershock will always aim to have clearly defined and understandable fundraising goals, so that everyone who donates and supports its work can see exactly where its funds are going. Being a smaller charity, we aim to have transparent, tangible outcomes where even the smallest donation can be used effectively.”

metronome’s pro bono work for The Aftershock included strategy, branding and the launch website, and will continue with ongoing creative and digital support.

Says Suzanne of the new brand, “It clearly visualises the sense of ‘the wheels falling off’ that patients and families feel following a diagnosis. Through the work metronome has undertaken so far, we can see a clear path towards telling our story.”

Everyone at metronome is proud to be officially supporting this important new charity. You can learn more about The Aftershock at where you can also purchase tickets for the launch event to be held on October 28th 2017.

Cancer survival statistics sourced from Cancer Council Victoria / Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.