How to Create an Effective Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

These days, we consume an incredible amount of content in a single day, thanks to advancements in technology and information sharing. We pass billboards on our way to work, see posters in grocery stores, read dozens of emails, scroll for hours through multiple social media platforms, watch TV, play video games on our computers and

Tempo Top Five : Jan 30

We find, we think, we share : links that caught our eye. This week’s Tempo Top Five features cashier-less shopping, self-parking slippers and a lesson in net neutrality…   1. Amazon opens cashier-less store in Seattle Source :   Sure, you feel pretty clever waving your PayPass-enabled smartwatch or phone across the counter instead

Differentiate the property user journey

Statistically, a Melbourne home or apartment buyer will register their interest in up to three different projects at once. This is why your Display Suite experience matters. There’s potential for your buyers, at a pivotal point in their consideration process, to engage with three display suites and sales agents. With effective price parity across the

How does user experience enhance customer acquisition and loyalty?

Today, with a swipe of a finger, in the blink of an eye, one of your loyal consumers can be engaging with content from one of your competitors. And your current consumer, none the wiser, will be led, informed and all too soon considering their products ahead of yours. This scenario is commonplace in the

Price vs value — a conversation over dinner

At a recent dinner party I was overwhelmed by the number of conversations dominated by price. Sounds funny when I put it in this context, but the reality was there seemed to be a chorus of conversation centred around how many items people had recently purchased on price alone. Online, in-store, classifieds, online auctions and

How one little finger helped redefine the touch-point

In a recent keynote by Apple to herald the latest iPhone sequel, the long-awaited finger print identification feature was revealed. At this point, like myself, many digital marketers and developers turned their attention, and imaginations, to the next generation of touch-points in their consumer journeys. For many of you who may not realise the significance

eCommerce platforms… let the jury decide

After working with Magento eCommerce for the last 4 years and attending various conferences and expos focusing on selling online, optimisation and retention marketing, I can categorically say the verdict from both our business and clients is unanimous. Many technically minded people may be quick to judge Magento, or other open-source platforms, but until you’ve

Comedians in cars getting branded content

In Jerry Seinfeld’s recent online series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, he shows off several vintage cars and picks up comedian friends to go for coffee. And you thought his sitcom was a show about nothing. But given the success of non-scripted shows like Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Steve Coogan’s The Trip, the

Focusing on your sales funnel

When it comes to thinking digital you can often forget the fundamentals in sales. It’s easy to lose sight of some of the great stuff good marketers do really well. Like the sales funnel for instance. Today we’re distracted in real-time by the online analytical tools we have at our disposal. In isolation, traffic sources,

I can see into the future

Not really. But as a marketer, you have to stay ahead of the curve. Or topically right on it. Or uniquely left of it. Let’s just say you have to at least know where the curve actually is, so as to position yourself and your brand appropriately in relation to it. An increasingly effective way