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January 29, 2018



Tempo Top Five : Jan 30

We find, we think, we share : links that caught our eye.

This week’s Tempo Top Five features cashier-less shopping, self-parking slippers and a lesson in net neutrality…


1. Amazon opens cashier-less store in Seattle

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Sure, you feel pretty clever waving your PayPass-enabled smartwatch or phone across the counter instead of pulling out your wallet. But Amazon’s plans for the cashless future go even further. After a series of internal trials last year, they have just opened their first cashier-less Amazon Go store to the public.

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2. Japanese hotel offers self-parking slippers


 Source : Nissan  


Yes, you read that correctly. The high-tech ProPILOT Park Ryokan has used the latest autonomous driving technology from Nissan to create slippers that return themselves to the entrance ready for guests. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, the hotel’s rooms also feature self-parking tables and floor cushions.


3. Coworking space offers private jets to its members

Source : PSFK


With plenty of great coworking spaces to choose from, the big players are upping the ante in their included benefits with bars, cafes and tech support now considered standard. But Servcorp just raised the game by offering its members the use of private jets to get them to business meetings.

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4. Spotify lets you adopt a dog with the same music taste as you

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A recent study that showed every dog has its own personal taste in music. So Spotify teamed up with an animal shelter in Munich to create a service that matches owners and adoptable pets based on their music choices – Adoptify.

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5. Burger King addresses net neutrality in latest ad


 Source : Burger King


How do you explain the complexities of net neutrality in a way that everyone can understand? Talk about the price of fast food instead. Burger King just launched an ad that cleverly lays out the realities of the recent repeal of net neutrality in the US.