January 16, 2018



Tempo Top Five : Jan 16

We find, we think, we share : links that caught our eye.

This week’s Tempo Top Five features the latest consumer tech from CES 2018, a startup using Airbnb to power first home buyer mortgages, plus an ad from IKEA that requires bodily fluids to activate…


1. Startup helps you buy a house in return for Airbnb revenue

Startup loftium Source : citylab.com


Seattle-based startup Loftium has come up with a way of helping first home buyers get into the city’s tough property market. Loftium will give buyers the necessary down-payment – in return for them renting out a room via Airbnb until the cost is covered.

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2. Six ways that new technology will revolutionise shopping

Source : WIRED 


…and following on from the previous story, WIRED UK takes a look at how technology will revolutionise retail, with a raft of brands set to embrace tech to create the ultimate shopping experience. From virtual reality stores to AI personal shopping assistance, there’s plenty for retail to be positive about.

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3. The best gadgets from CES 2018

Source : news.com.au


This year’s consumer technology extravaganza is filled with drones, robots and artificial intelligence. Here are just a few of the gadgets causing a stir. They may not all be practical – but they all have visitors tweeting how they really, really want them.

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4. Smart glasses enable blind people to see

Source : digitaltrends


eSight is a new smart glasses product that allows blind people to see. The headset features a live feed which is enhanced and displayed on a pair of OLED screens, giving the partially blind user the equivalent of 20/20 vision.

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5. IKEA wants you to pee on its latest ad

Source : WIRED


This is the kind of clickbait ad agencies dream up just so people talk about them. So, let’s talk about it. This ad from IKEA’s Swedish agency features a built-in pregnancy test which readers can actually use – by peeing on it. If the results are positive, IKEA will give the reader a discount on a crib…

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