December 12, 2017



Creating a fully immersive sales experience

We speak often about the importance of creating a unique sales suite experience, particularly in a market that has been defined by price over product quality. So when we were asked to help international developer Far East Consortium build a different kind of experience in their anticipated Melbourne CBD project West Side Place, our aim was to deliberately leave visitors with a truly lasting impression.

Working through our strategy process we developed the idea of taking visitors through a fully immersive component of the sales journey to heighten their senses and to convey the premium nature of the development.

Our concept involved the notion of luxury and what that means. With a focus on the finer things in life, the story sets the scene in a way that raises the expectation of the visitor. This helps the sales team from Colliers International to sell the project’s apartments from a true position of heightened aspiration driven by premium cues.

The delivery of the story, though – that was the key to bringing the experience together. Externally the sales suite is calming and elegant, leading to a darker, welcoming concierge desk. Visitors are directed into the projection space, the door smoothly closes behind them, and the experience begins… watch the video:

Then, out of the darkness, the outline of the door appears, with a simple instruction: Enter…

Collaborating closely with the client and the selling agent, we worked hand in hand with creative and technology partners and other practices, to plan and build the consumer experience. We scoped and managed the projection technology component, and storyboarded and directed the content in line with our strategy.

We scripted the narrative and key messaging to build a sense of expectation about what’s to come in the rest of the sales suite, encouraging visitors to contemplate, “How do you remember luxury?” To bring the content to life we teamed up with rendering experts Binyan, who created the incredible renderings of the yet-to-be-built development. In addition, video house The Sequence Group cut together the whole piece.

Several rounds of detailed testing at a temporary research space close to our offices in South Melbourne helped hone the projections and optimise the sound and vision delivery. 

Watch the video:

Once visitors have been through the projection room, they can explore a full-size apartment display. These are further enhanced by an innovative project system that brings apartment living – and its impressive views – vividly to life. Controlled projections display the actual views from a range of floors within the finished building, allowing visitors to tangibly experience life from within the apartment.

Using a custom iPad app the sales team can instantly change the view as though travelling from floor to floor, depending on the level of product the customer is interested in.

The experience we created delivers emotion, not a sales pitch. That’s left to the sales team to deliver on a more personal level. Overall the project highlighted the importance of a clear content strategy – and a client willing to raise the bar several notches.

Project Partners:

Binyan Studios
The Sequence Group
Cottee Parker
Colliers International