October 24, 2018



Experience makes the difference

We have an expression at metronome – the brand is the experience.

Frankly, that’s always been the case as we’ve helped brands scale to success, but it has never been more relevant than it is today. It’s pretty clear that, across a broad mix of categories, brands can no longer define their value through pricing alone.

For a number of clients over the past year, we have elevated the market potential of properties, products, and services by improving the customer experience both online and offline. This is vital, given that online platforms now make it easier for customers to experience and push through the consideration process faster than ever before.

Calibrating 4k projection technology

Calibrating 4k projection technology

Successful brands are those that enrich their perceived value with unique experiences. In particular, by using carefully crafted physical experience spaces that transport customers into an elevated frame of mind more in sync with the brand’s vision.

Take our immersion suite for West Side Place, located in the crowded apartment market of Melbourne’s CBD, with the developer Far East Consortium launching the latest residential towers of this significant apartment project.

Fluid transition from immersion suite to sales environment

Fluid transition from immersion suite to sales environment

Experience designed to inspire

Through the use of a completely immersive space within the sales suite, we created a genuine talking point for customers to remember. The combination of compelling imagery, evocative narrative, and sound design, delivers a seamless experience that flows naturally into the rest of the sales process. The key strategy is to differentiate the sales suite from any others they may have visited in their search for an apartment.

Our technical specifications included high-resolution 4k projectors, and custom software to control the whole experience in terms of the physicality of the space (automatically opening doors, and so on) as well as the delivery of the rich content.

Customers experience interactive views from all apartment levels

Customers experience interactive views from all apartment levels

Working with our premium content partners, BINYAN, the narrative takes a visitor from the entrance of the brand new Ritz Carlton up through the building to the height of some of the tower’s premium apartments.

This elevates the expectation of the potential buyer and makes the already high quality of the product register even higher in their minds – the quality of the experience is seen as a direct correlation to the quality of the product, and therefore directly impacts positively on sales.

In reality, this customer expectation is constantly rising. Property brands that delay responding to it will most probably feel the pinch. Yes, it’s an investment in time, technology and marketing budget. But the return on that investment is hard to deny, and it has certainly led to the successful marketing and sales velocity of the projects we’ve created experiences for recently.

Whether we’re considering property, fashion, or skincare, experience is key. And we are increasingly finding the most effective partnerships are those we have with experience-driven businesses.

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