May 31, 2018



Tempo Top Five: May 30

We find, we think, we share : links that caught our eye.

This week’s Tempo Top Five features a property co-ownership platform, a new kind of retail store, and free Kit Kats…


1. How brands are using stores as community spaces

Source: psfk

With their own e-commerce stores offering more convenience, brands are turning their physical bricks and mortar stores into community spaces where their customers can interact (and not necessarily purchase)…

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2. New platform makes property co-ownership simpler

Source: kohab

New property platform Kohab allows friends and family to co-purchase a place together, giving them entry point into the market which the majority of young Australians increasingly struggle to afford…

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3. Kit Kat’s airport vending machine offers free  chocolate if your flight is delayed

Source: adage

If you happen to be waiting in Brazil’s Sao Paulo airport and your flight is delayed, you can scan your boarding pass and grab a free snack to tide you over whilst you wait…

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4. Zara’s new London store features robots and holograms

zara shop

Source: retaildetail

Zara’s flagship store aims to bring together the best of online and offline shopping experience. And just like shopping online, the self-serve checkouts mean you can shop without speaking to anyone…

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5. IKEA ad designed to send you to sleep

ikea sleep

Source: adweek

Hardly a week goes by without IKEA’s global raft of agencies coming up with quirky ads. This latest uses white noise and lavender to help readers fall asleep – no doubt on a newly-purchased IKEA bed…

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