April 10, 2018



Tempo Top Five : April 10

We find, we think, we share : links that caught our eye.

This week’s Tempo Top Five features a mental health panic button, a mind-reading headset and plans to tackle rising sea levels.


1. Teen creates digital ‘panic button’ app for people with mental health issues

 Source : moneyish


Her own depression and suicide attempt prompted 16-year-old Hannah to build (with her brother Charlie who had just learned to code) an app that makes it simple for those in danger to alert friends and family that they need help…

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2. Mouldy book hints at ageing knowledge

Source : psfk


How do you tangibly show people that their old marketing theories are no longer fresh? By taking a once-renowned book on the subject, putting it in a glass box and covering it in mould, obviously…

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3. ‘Mind-reading’ headset promises telepathy with digital assistants

Source : digitaltrends


Well, not exactly. But by tracking micro muscular movements, the AlterEgo headset does make it possible to converse with the likes of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant without actually saying a word…

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4. Could floating architecture help save cities from rising seas?

Source : nbcnews


With many cities around the world at risk from rising sea levels, could the design of floating homes and buoyant buildings be the answer?

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5. Designers create pottery using 3D printed clay

 Source : mashable


Some of their pieces look more like they’re knitted from wool rather than made of clay, as artists Lucile Sciallano and Ben Landau push the boundaries of the normally plastic-based medium…

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Hero image source : nbcnews