March 29, 2018



Tempo Top Five : March 29

We find, we think, we share : links that caught our eye.

This week’s Tempo Top Five features tax-free donations, 3D-printed houses, and a basketball-playing robot. 


1. New platform to double workplace charity donations

 Source :


Fundraising at Work is a new initiative that offers a smarter, hassle-free way for cause-driven millennials to engage with charities. The new platform allows donations to be made through payroll, before tax, and hopes to double corporate giving…

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2. New Zealand to get flying taxis

Source : gizmodo


No more traffic delays for the Kiwis. Cora, the self-piloting flying taxi backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, is being tested for commercial use. And because it’s powered by electricity, it’s emissions-free…

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3. 3D printed homes for the homeless

Source : theverge


These emergency homes – printed by a giant printer using a cement mix – can be completed in under 24 hours. Developer ICON hopes they can be used to quickly deal with emergency housing issues in places where conventional home building is not practical.

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4. How to grow four tons of food a year in a metal box without sunlight

Source : MITtechnologyreview


Maybe that’s not something you’ve thought of doing. But crop specialists Freight Farms are researching just that – using efficient, high-tech hydroponic systems to shorten the distance between city dwellers and their fresh food.

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5. Toyota made a robot that can shoot hoops with 100% accuracy. Just because.

 Source : mashable


Having a robot on your basketball team goes very much against regulations. But it’s a fun thing to watch. This Japanese team, sponsored by Toyota, were certainly no match for it.

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Hero image source : MITtechnologyreview