Managed Services & Support

Supporting a scaling real estate network

The real estate industry is driven by interpersonal relationships. Confidence in the brand and trust in agents is ultimately what drives a network. It is also heavily influenced by technology. Buxton Real Estate, with over 30 offices across metropolitan and regional Victoria, entrusted us with the task of managing and supporting their website and technical ecosystem to ensure compliance and reliability. The metronome relationship is a constant that monitors their infrastructure and supports their technical stack holistically.

The Technical Foundation

Managed Services for their Multi-Platform Integration:
There are many integrations in Buxton’s technology stack. Leading property vendors, including Box + Dice, List Once, RedHQ, Core Logic, Rate My Agent, Plezzel, and more, all playing key roles for the business. These roles are both independent and interdependent. Add to this the website, content management system, and infrastructure; these are the core elements in the stack that enable and scale a residential real estate network technically.

Onboarding Support:
Dedicated projects and sprints to onboard new offices and ensure a smooth transition into Buxton’s ecosystem and real estate network. Agent and office data is migrated and aligned to meet expectations.

The Strategic Outcome

Confidence and Reliability:
Management of their end-to-end technology stack, Support desk and issue tracking, Onboarding of new offices and systems, Infrastructure and monitoring for compliance and security, Consulting and collaboration with key vendors and partners.

The Road Ahead

Buxton’s website plays a pivotal role in brand and customer engagement. As part of a growing network of digital assets, including social media and vendor marketing channels, their website and stack supports their business strategy, helping customers and agents alike, drive conversations with buyers and vendors. With extensive experience across the property and broader technical and marketing ecosystem, metronome provides Buxton with ongoing peace of mind.