Website Development & Performance

Elevating Smarter Bathrooms +

In the dynamic landscape of Melbourne’s Bathroom and Home Renovations, Smarter Bathrooms + has emerged as a leader, steering the industry with innovation and quality craftsmanship. For the past eight years, our collaboration with Smarter Bathrooms + has been more than a partnership; it’s been a journey of growth, adaptation, and strategic elevation.

The Technical Foundation
At the inception of our collaboration, we recognised the need for a digital transformation to mirror the excellence of Smarter Bathrooms + online. We embarked on a mission to revamp their online presence, starting with the development of a responsive website. This wasn’t merely a facelift; it was a strategic overhaul with a strong focus on lead capture and engagement.

Following a process that echoes the approach of Smarter Bathrooms + craftsmanship, we evolved their brand identity ensuring it resonated seamlessly with the quality they deliver. Simultaneously, we reviewed the information architecture of their site, creating an intuitive user journey and aligning it to our strategic marketing requirements. The introduction and support of a new Content Management System (CMS) allowed for efficient content delivery and promotional campaigns by the team reducing any frustrations from the past.

The Strategic Outcome
Our collaboration extended beyond the surface, delving deep into their digital marketing and business systems. With a comprehensive performance strategy and marketing funnel, we integrated the consumer journey seamlessly into their marketing CRM and ERP systems. We then collaborated closely on a holistic performance strategy aligned to their marketing funnel focused on content, organic and paid marketing campaigns.

The cornerstone of our success lay in the maintenance of a robust SEO strategy. By delivering the technical foundations, we set the expectations for sustained performance results. This synergy of organic and paid investments not only generated positive results but armed Smarter Bathrooms + with the business intelligence to optimise spending, understand seasonality, and their return on marketing investment.

The Road Ahead
As we reflect on the past eight years, we recognise that our journey with Smarter Bathrooms + is not just a case study; it’s a testament to the evolution of their brand online. Even beyond Covid, the road ahead holds more challenges and opportunities, and we are committed to evolving with Smarter Bathrooms +, ensuring that our partnership and strategies remain at the forefront of their industry.