Website Development & Performance

Helping luxury travellers find a hidden gem

A place for the eternally curious and design-conscious traveler, United Places Botanic Gardens is a collection of 12 Private Suites where immersive experience meets cutting-edge design. Working closely with the United Places team, metronome designed a truly luxurious online experience for visitors, bringing to life this hidden gem opposite Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

The Technical Foundation

Beautiful Technology Creating a Website that Inspires:
We spearheaded the creation of a brand-new WordPress website for United Places Luxury Boutique Hotel. Wire-framed, developed, and deployed, every element of this platform balanced technical prowess with design. The end-to-end user experience delivers an easy exploration and booking journey, integrating TravelClick to drive and increase revenue through direct bookings.

eCommerce Extending the Brand Experience:
Offering guests the opportunity to purchase a selection of the beautiful objects they loved during their stay, we also integrated Shopify to create the high-end Objects Store. This allows the team to simply manage sales and inventory and gives guests the chance to own a little piece of their experience, continuing their emotional connection with this unique hotel.

Performance Driving Direct Bookings:
Performance-driven paid and organic strategies drive engagement, offers, and direct bookings. With the potential for OTA bookings to soak up margin in commission, we focus on driving direct engagement to deliver genuine ROI and a consistent flow of bookings free from commission.

The Strategic Outcome

Online Travel Agencies (OTA) are the gatekeepers of online transactions in the hotel industry. Dominant, pervasive, and forever minimising the influence of brands. We’re confident in the outcome we have delivered which has empowered and scaled United Place’s brand online and consistently delivered direct bookings. With little reliance on OTAs as booking channels, we’ve increased both revenue and customer satisfaction.

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The Road Ahead

United Places and metronome’s relationship reflects our commitment to our partners, no matter the circumstances. From the beginning of the website build, through the challenges and turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the subsequent recovery, we continue to work side by side.