PropTech — what is it and why is it growing?

Technology is all around us and improving all the time. So, it should come as no surprise that, over the past few years, the property industry has become more tech-focussed. Throwback to 2015, ‘PropTech’ was a relatively unknown term, especially for the country’s biggest developers. But as real estate startups began to introduce more technology

Can ‘Build to Rent’ help rebuild 
the affordable housing market?

With the property squeeze leaving more and more Australians well and truly out of the market, eyes are turning to a model that has enjoyed decades of success in Europe and the US – Build To Rent. Many developers already build residential projects and hold onto key components to lease and manage themselves, such as

Creating a fully immersive sales experience

We speak often about the importance of creating a unique sales suite experience, particularly in a market that has been defined by price over product quality. So when we were asked to help international developer Far East Consortium build a different kind of experience in their anticipated Melbourne CBD project West Side Place, our aim

The evolution of property marketing

As the number of property marketers increases and the property market flattens, selling value over volume becomes critical for businesses in the industry to remain competitive. The challenge lies in standing out in a saturated digital and offline space and impressing prospective home buyers – buyers who now have a world of alternatives at their fingertips