SE… Ohhhh — where to begin a search engine optimisation strategy

Before we get started, let’s first answer the question: how important is search engine optimisation? Well, simply put, very! According to a study conducted by TechJury, a mammoth 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. It’s safe to say then, appearing on platforms like Google and Bing is vitally important if you want

5 ways Coronavirus will change the way we work

As each of us adapts to life in lockdown, without particularly realising it, we’ve changed the way we work — perhaps permanently.  The first few weeks of life working from home was a scramble full of awkward video conference calls, self-motivation struggles and regular trips to the kitchen.  But people are adaptable, and as the

The website switch

Just last year, according to a study by Statista, online shopping was responsible for 9 per cent of Australia’s total retail sales, while 80.8 per cent of people in Australia were shopping online.  It was no secret that having an online presence for businesses was pivotal in the market. But now, due to the effects

metronome launches the Lifestyle Communities website

We are pleased to reveal our brand new site for the over 50’s affordable living provider, Lifestyle Communities. This was a great project to work on not only because of its creative and technical scope but also because the client is conveniently located in the same building just two floors below us. Needless to say,

New website, new product architecture

Rebuilding a website for clients is not just an opportunity to refresh their visual appeal, it’s also a key opportunity to overhaul the customer journey. Occasionally, it can be a chance to make even bigger changes to the product architecture and product configuration. Our recent website upgrade for Wilson Storage is a great example. It