The beauty of the immersion suite - Blue at Lavender Bay

March 12, 2020



The beauty of the immersion suite

The property market expansion in Australia has meant developers can no longer define their value through pricing alone. 

Instead, the customer experience has come to the fore, especially with the emergence of PropTech within the industry.

At Metronome, we see the change in the times and, over the past few years, have elevated the market potential of properties, products, and services by improving the customer experience both online and offline.

Part of this offering has been our work with immersion suites. Take West Side Place for developer Far East Consortium as an example. For this project, we created a genuine talking point for customers to remember. 

The beauty of the immersion suite - Far East Consortium
West Side Place – (credit Binyan)

The stunning combination of imagery, narrative and sound delivered a seamless experience that naturally flowed into the rest of the sales process. With the use of 4K projectors and custom software to control automatically opening doors, we were able to deliver a memorable sales suite.

Some of our work has resulted in award nominations, such as Blue at Lavender Bay Apartments for property developer Aqualand.

Nominated for best use of VR/AR in the B&T Awards 2019, we worked closely with the architects and builders, as well as Binyan Studios to manage the tech specification and integration. 

The resulting 4m x 5m x 3m immersion suite utilises the latest 4K projection and software implementation. Spanning three facing walls, the suite surrounds visitors in a powerful and emotive video and audio experience which raises the perception of the overall project.

Our immersion suite work has continued with Yeerongpilly Green for Consolidated Properties and LUMA for Development Victoria. 

For the former, in collaboration with project marketers Colliers International, we provided the complete technical specification for the fit-out as well as creating the integrated iPad app which controls the experience and allows visitors to view content regarding the entire project.

Our latest work, LUMA included all the content and the tech specification for a stunning display suite in Victoria. Customers are brought through to the contemporary immersion suite via a state-of-the-art showroom, where our content interplays across two walls create a gorgeous interactive experience that surrounds those inside, revealing an insight into what it would be like to live within the new community. 

These incredible pieces of hardware and software are designed to match the ever-increasing customer expectation in the property industry. At Metronome we want to help developers who see this growing trend with our tech and content expertise. 

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