The weird and wonderful world of TikTok

For many, TikTok appears like a strange new world full of quirky videos and unexplained buffoonery, which poses the question for a business: should my brand be on there?  Since it was made available for iOS and Android users outside of China in 2017, the number of active users on the platform has spiralled to

Tempo top tips for working from home

It was only in 2018 that the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that around one-quarter of Australian workers (24 per cent) worked at least part of their time from home. Now, that number has increased astronomically due to the effects of COVID-19. More and more of the workforce now work remotely to avoid contributing to

The beauty of the immersion suite

The property market expansion in Australia has meant developers can no longer define their value through pricing alone.  Instead, the customer experience has come to the fore, especially with the emergence of PropTech within the industry. At Metronome, we see the change in the times and, over the past few years, have elevated the market

How to write an online article

The ever-growing prevalence of smartphones and tablets means we’re reading content from a screen more than ever before as we continue to travel head-first into this digital age. This means, as creative agencies, we have to alter our writing style to adapt to the growing needs of today’s engagers. It’s a change not exactly to

Content is still king, but it’s evolving.

We’ve all heard the term ‘content is king’ before, and as we begin a new decade, the phrase is only going to become more prominent for businesses trying to grow their brand.  Content has always been an important arm in any marketing campaign, because it helps a specific brand grow without deviating from the company’s

PropTech — what is it and why is it growing?

Technology is all around us and improving all the time. So, it should come as no surprise that, over the past few years, the property industry has become more tech-focussed. Throwback to 2015, ‘PropTech’ was a relatively unknown term, especially for the country’s biggest developers. But as real estate startups began to introduce more technology

Our approach to developing video content

The next time you are sitting on the tram or train, take a look around and count how many people are watching videos on their phones. There’ll be someone streaming Netflix, another catching up on last nights episode of the Batchelor, while others are watching their favourite Youtube channel. As makers of video content, we

Experience makes the difference

We have an expression at metronome – the brand is the experience. Frankly, that’s always been the case as we’ve helped brands scale to success, but it has never been more relevant than it is today. It’s pretty clear that, across a broad mix of categories, brands can no longer define their value through pricing alone. For

Creating a fully immersive sales experience

We speak often about the importance of creating a unique sales suite experience, particularly in a market that has been defined by price over product quality. So when we were asked to help international developer Far East Consortium build a different kind of experience in their anticipated Melbourne CBD project West Side Place, our aim

The brevity of your brand story

Queensland Writer’s Centre and outdoor media provider goa recently launched a short story competition, #8wordstory, with a limit of, you guessed it, just 8 words. The number of submissions that came flooding in from local creatives and internationally renowned authors alike was overwhelming, and the best of the best have been showcased on goa’s billboards